I designed some advanced statistics to analyze how the participants in the Crab Sharkz fantasy football league are faring in managing their teams. They have little to no predictive value, and do not grade out or project actual football players, only the fantasy football players in the league. The main metrics I have created areas follows.

Player +/-, a comparison of the lineups set by a player versus ESPN (the league host) projections. If the player scores higher using a lineup varied from the one espn projects as best he gets positive points in the amount of the scoring differential.

League -, a comparison of the lineup a player choses versus the best possible lineup he could have set, this number can be 0 at best.

% Bench Points Missed, is League - divided by Bench Points scored, this gives an idea of how effectively a person is using their bench without penalizing for different strategies and numbers of bench points scored.

Points Per Drafted start, a value, on average, for each starter that was drafted by the player.

Points Per Waiver start, a value, on average, for each starter claimed off waivers by a player.

Roster Score, The most telling number, combines Player +/- with %BPM, PPWS, and PPDS. a score of 0 indicated league average. The formula is (+/- - (1/2 %BPM) + PPDS + PPWS)

Wins Added, A win in which the best projected lineups for each team would have had the opposite result of the actual outcome. 1 For the team who actually won and -1 for the team who would have won had they played the best projected lineup.

Wins Missed, A Loss in which the best possible lineup would have beaten the opponents best possible lineup. 1 For the team that actually lost, -1 for the team that would have lost had both teams played their best actual lineup.

Defensive +/-, The total amount of points over or under the amount a teams opponents would be expected to score as per their PPG. If an opponent scores more than expected a - value is created, if less then positive.

Below are the season totals for the league.